Lasse Wingreen

Aarhus, Denmark
Product Owner - iPaper – Digital Design, Information Science, Aarhus Uuniversity

From Product Owner to Wedding Singer

My day job? Wrangling pixels and code as a Product Owner at iPaper, crafting the best digital catalog software for businesses. But wait, there's more!

By night, I switch gears, belting out tunes and strumming my guitar as part of a dynamic wedding duo. Music ignites a different creative spark, letting me connect with couples on their special day.

Weekends are for conquering gravel. I'm a bike-building enthusiast, crafting the perfect machine for dusty trails and long hauls. And let's not forget the long-distance runs that keep me grounded.

As a father of two and a loving husband, my family is my anchor and source of inspiration.

These passions share a common thread: creation, connection, and pushing limits. Whether it's building a user-friendly platform, crafting an unforgettable performance, or tackling a challenging ride, each pursuit fuels my drive to innovate and make a difference.

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